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Our Mission

Transitional Supported Employment of Minnesota, also known as Tran$EM, is an agency focused on serving individuals with severe and persistent mental illness. Individuals who have been diagnosed as having serious and persistent mental illness have often suffered an interruption in their adult employment history, or have been unable to acquire necessary skills and work habits that lead to successful long term employment, thus the development of Tran$EM.  Tran$EM is set up to assist the individual with this disability to enhance their lives through competitive employment out in the community.  It encourages the individual to be the best that they can be while living with their disability.  It makes the transition into the job market as agreeable as possible for both the consumer and the employer.  This is accomplished through a team effort.  Tran$EM works in cooperation with Social Services, Minnesota DRS, Lakeland Mental Health Center, and other referring agencies in Clay County.  Tran$EM services Clay, Otter Tail County, Becker and Wilkin County.

Tran$EM provides many services.  It assists the individual to utilize employment interests, education, experience and skills to allow them to make decisions about their career choices.  It assists in the development of individualized employment strategies to assist the individual in finding appropriate employment.  Tran$EM encourages the individual to use what skills they have and to be involved with the process as much as possible.  It gives the individual the chance to secure employment in areas that is agreeable to the consumer.  Tran$EM locates and assists in securing employment through establishing contact, setting up interviews and providing assistance during the interview and job coaching when needed.

Tran$EM also offers post employment follow-up and supportive services.  These services are unique to each individual in that it could mean weekly or bi-monthly contact to ensure the success to each client we serve.  The follow-up support is the key to helping the Consumers keep and stay employed.

Client Success Story

Julie was a stay at home mom for 6 years with no work experience and felt no one would give her a chance. While talking with her Case Manager at Solutions, it was learned that she could be referred to Tran$Em for supports to help obtain employment. With the assistance of her Employment Specialist, a lead at the Bank of the West Call Center was presented. Julie created a resume with her Employment Specialist that she titles “Full Time Mom” and sent it in. They called her back within a week and set up an interview. Julie surpassed expectations at her interview being informed that they would be in contact within a week, instead, Julie got a call 2 hours later and was offered the position! The employer gave her options between Full Time and Part Time as well as what shift she would like. Julie chose Full Time working 12-8:30pm and receives full benefits which include: Medical, Dental, and Life Insurance, 401k, Tuition Reimbursement, as well as, two paid 15-minute breaks. Bank of the West worked with her schedule to get the time off that she needs. Julie expresses that it is an amazing place to work! She received four weeks of paid training, learning the programs she needs to run each day and passed both the exams at the end of training. Julie is an Online Banking Agent which deals with online banking customer problems, as well as, other issues that come up for other departments. One thing she really likes is when she makes a mistake, instead of disciplining the employees, they coach and retrain them to not make the same mistake again. Julie finds that this has really helped her maintain her employment. She gets along great with her boss and never feels as though her job is in jeopardy if she makes a mistake. Julie feels as though this job was made for her. If she had seen this position on a job search site, she would have scrolled right past it thinking “I would never get that position.” Julie has fulfilled her job search and feels like this was not just a job placement, it was a career placement.